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  Yes, Sharda, please rush me my copy of your complete Cocker Spaniel ebook package because I want to learn all I can about my Cocker Spaniel now!

I understand that I will be receiving the instantly downloadable Cocker Spaniel package titled "The Complete A - Z Guide of the Cocker Spaniel".

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bulletOver 119 page ebook on the Cocker Spaniel

bullet1st FREE bonus  Dog Training Secrets Revealed - AUDIO.

Plus fully typed transcription.

In this high quality recorded audio you will hear how a professional dog trainer manages the day to day dog behavior problems many dog owners have had to deal with.

bullet2nd FREE bonus  Potty Training Made Fast and Easy - ebooklet.

This recently completed ebooklet clearly outlines the current proven potty training techniques. It is covers the new pup as well as the adult dog that may have come from a shelter or from a home where potty training was not completed.

bullet3rd FREE bonus  Managing The Barking Dog - ebooklet.

This ebooklet outlines the easy steps you need to take to quickly control your barking dog.

bullet4th FREE Bonus  Controlling Biting, Nipping and Jumping up - ebooklet..

This bonus ebooklet provides techniques to help teach your dog to STOP nipping, biting, or jumping up on you or visitors.

bullet   5th  FREE bonus Changing your Cocker Spaniel's temperament for the better -  ebooklet. 

Most buyers don't think about their Cocker Spaniel's temperament before its too late. This guide helps you develop a sound temperament.

bullet 6th FREE bonus  All About Pet Insurance- ebooklet

This helpful ebooklet explains the common types of pet insurance and what you need to know.

bullet EXTRA FREE bonus  Choosing Your Doggie's name.

This FREE ebooklet includes almost 2000 male and female dog names. You will have fun looking through the list and will be sure to find something special to call to suit your "best friend".


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